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Steven B. Krivit began his science journalism career focusing on low-energy nuclear reactions (LENRs) in 2000. He initially reported on the work of credentialed scientists who claimed that they had experimental evidence of "cold fusion." He took those scientists at their word. However, by 2008, Krivit had identified eight experimental facts that disproved their theory of "cold fusion," and he presented these facts on Aug. 20, 2008, at the American Chemical Society national meeting. The experimental evidence, while not supporting the "cold fusion" theory, nevertheless unambiguously revealed that new nuclear reactions were taking place. Two years later, Krivit published the results of a forensic investigation into the claims of the best experimental evidence for the "cold fusion" theory. According to the theory, nuclear fusion reactions can take place at high rates at room temperature. Krivit found that the evidence had been systematically tampered with over 10 years.

Starting in 2005, Krivit began looking at the idea of two newcomers to the field, theorists Allan Widom and Lewis Larsen. On Nov. 10, 2005, Krivit began reporting on the Widom-Larsen Ultra-Low-Momentum Neutron Catalyzed Theory of Low-Energy Nuclear Reactions. The proposed theory provides a viable explanation for LENRs and says that fusion is not involved but that weak interactions are the key. People who believed in the theory of "cold fusion" rejected the Widom-Larsen hypothesis for a variety of poorly supported reasons. The proposed theory is, however, the only viable and credible explanation for the variety of experimentally observed nuclear phenomena. Outsiders to the field showed much greater interest than "cold fusion" believers. The outsiders included people with Boeing, DTRA, NASA, SPAWAR, and Johns Hopkins University, as well as Richard Garwin.

On Nov. 14, 2012, at the invitation of Roger Tilbrook, the interim chairman of the American Nuclear Society, Krivit organized a LENR session at the ANS meeting in San Diego. His presentation further refined the distinction between "cold fusion" and LENRs, and his paper was published in the Transactions of the American Nuclear Society.

In 2015, Krivit worked with the U.S. Library of Congress to develop distinct authoritative subject-matter headings: a refinement of the one for "cold fusion" and a new one for LENRs. In 2016, Krivit published the first books with the LENR designation.

Krivit is the publisher and senior editor of New Energy Times. He is a recognized subject-matter expert on LENR research and an author, investigative science journalist, editor, photographer, and international speaker. He is an author or editor of six books about LENRs.

Scientific Publications and Encyclopedias
Steven B. Krivit is the leading author of review articles and encyclopedia chapters and books about LENRs. He was invited to write and edit for the Royal Society of Chemistry, Elsevier, and John Wiley & Sons. He was an editor for the American Chemical Society 2008 and 2009 technical reference books on LENRs and editor-in-chief for the 2011 Wiley Nuclear Energy Encyclopedia. His most recent books are the highly acclaimed three-volume Explorations in Nuclear Science series: Hacking the Atom (Vol. 1), Fusion Fiasco (Vol. 2), and Lost History (Vol. 3).

In the Media
Krivit and/or New Energy Times have been quoted or cited on LENRs, in the U.S. and internationally, by many media outlets, and Krivit has appeared on television and radio discussing LENR research.



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